GDPR365 to introduce multiple languages

gdpr software update language

GDPR365’s popularity has generated widespread interest along with calls for languages other than English. We’re happy to announce that the base version is fully prepared for the impending rollout of the Dutch version. This language will come in addition to Portuguese, Czech and Greek.

The new languages available in the app

You’ll now see a language flag in the top right navigation bar. This defaults to English, but as additional languages become available you’ll be able to select different flags.

select language GDPR software

In the ‘Privacy Notices’ section, under ‘Governance’, you’ll see three changes:

  • ‘English’ is now presented in a tab
  • A ‘Publish’ button has been inserted (together with the ‘Last published date’)
  • Both the ‘Draft’ and ‘Published’ versions are downloadable as PDFs

one tab per language on GDPR software

There are a couple of other small changes:

  • The ‘Employee Privacy Notice’ has moved to the ‘Internal’ tab
  • In ‘Data mapping’, all ‘Add new’ functions will open a dialog box displaying ‘English’ after ‘Name’

An important note: How to publish your privacy notices in different languages.

In the past, we automatically published your privacy notice as soon as you made changes in GDPR365. We’ve now introduced the ‘Publish’ element to allow you more quality control.

If you make changes to your data mapping, or to your content when you’re editing it with ‘Use my own content’, then your privacy notices must be published for the changes you’ve made to be pushed live (to the public-facing URL we provide you with to place on your website). If you don’t PUBLISH, then your changes won’t be committed to the URL.

Please note! You don’t need to change the code. If the code has already been copied to your website, you don’t need to change it – you just need to publish the changes and they’ll reflect in the code.

Book an appointment with one our team member below, if you’re unclear about the changes, or want to ask anything else about our software.

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