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How it works


Step 1

Complete the form.


Step 2

You will receive a risk analysis and a risk action plan via email.


Step 3

If you are interested we can show you via a demo how we can help you to solve your organization's data privacy shortfalls.

POPIA compliance needn't to be complicated.

The PrivIQ Data Privacy Gap Assessment gives you a very clear and detailed understanding of where your organization is lacking, what needs to be done and the amount and type of risk you are exposed to.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

The questions above have been specifically chosen to cover requirements of MOST data privacy regulations, as well as to ensure organizations that are in countries without regulations, but are privacy aware, can find out what they need to do. 

What do I get?

We will email you a detailed report which gives you:

  • Inherent vs Residual Risk - How much risk have you mitigated?
  • A risk probability and impact graph - How probable and impactful are the risks you are exposed to?
  • A compliance score graph - How compliant are you in each of the critical categories of data privacy risk management?
  • A detailed risk analysis report showing risk, impact and actions required in order to rectify the issues arising.

How do I use the information?

The report will be useful to your management team as it gives a clear risk assessment and action plan. It will enable you to put in the required technical and organizational measures that will ensure you are able to demonstrate compliance and build a solid data privacy program and with this, increase the trust in your organization.

How do I get it?

The report is emailed to you upon completion of the form.