GDPR365 named a top 10 solution provider for cloud-based compliance software

We’re thrilled to say that CIO Applications Europe has named us a top 10 solution provider for our cloud-based compliance software.
GDPR365 addresses all data protection requirements and streamlines the process of becoming, and remaining, compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data protection in the spotlight

Attention to data protection rose during the lead-up to the GDPR, along with news breaking of the Facebook data breaches just a month before, or more recently Google+ data breach and the need for data protection became top of mind for businesses and individuals worldwide.
We’ve been saying that data protection requires a shift in mind-set and therefore a change in how organisations collect, store and use personal data. The process of becoming GDPR compliant and remaining so therefore requires new or altered systems of data management and ongoing training of staff.
Our intention with GDPR365 is to take the fear from the compliance process by showing organisations what they need to do. We’ve taken the GDPR’s complex legal document and turned it into a set of tools and workflows to help organisations work out their risks, operational needs, training systems and current compliance status.

Challenge vs opportunity

Instead of seeing the GDPR as a challenge, we believe it’s an opportunity for organisations to become accountable and thereby bring much-needed integrity to data use and collection.
As it says in the article, we hope organisations will see the competitive advantage that compliant organisations will have over non-compliant organisations.

Despite, we changed name in 2021, we are still providing this solution that got us this top-10 ranking.

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