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Privacy, CS3D, GRC, Operational, HSSE, EIA Onboarding Services.

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Comprehensive Onboarding Services for our SAAS Services.

- Data Privacy

- CS3D

- Risk Management 




Onboarding Services for Data Privacy SAAS Solutions.

For our Data Privacy Compliance onboarding we guide clients through onboarding steps: 

Executive: - Data Privacy Policy; program announcement.
Stakeholders analysis: - Information owners; DPO; IT, Legal etc.
Resource application: - appointments, initial training.
Discovery: - Process identification, Data mapping.
Governance: - Policies, RoPA, Privacy Notices.
Stakeholder Communications.
Operational risk: Assigning tasks, setting review cycles.
Processors / Operators: manage the contractual relationships.
DSAR's: - Policy; training on the procedures.
Breach management: - Policy; training on the procedure.
DPIAs: training by example.
Risk Assessments.
Audit & Reporting: - Real-Time Audit, Risk Reports.

Onboarding Services for CS3D (Including Annex A regulations).

For our CS3D solution, we provide a SAAS solution to navigate the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive. We provide onboarding on:

Executive engagement
Resource application
Policy development 
Document management
Risk Assessments
Ongoing operational risk management
Stakeholder communication
Audit and Reporting

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Onboarding onto our Risk Management Framework.

Our Risk Management Framework SAAS solutions help identify, assess, and mitigate risks. The onboarding process includes customizing the platform to your risk profile, providing hands-on training, providing AI-Assisted training and delivering real-time insights for informed decision-making and resilient risk management.

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