Webinar: How accountants and ICAEW use our GDPR software?

A GDPR365 presentation for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales that showcases how this thorough GDPR compliance management tool assists companies to manage their GDPR compliance programmes.

Using a central online dashboard, all aspects of the regulation can be addressed, from data mapping, sharing and processing to governance, compliance, breach management and employee training. By answering questions set out by the GDPR365 app, a company can work out its particular GDPR requirements, including whether it needs a Data Protection Officer or not.

At any point in the compliance management process GDPR365 can give a full, visual account of a company’s readiness by highlighting aspects that have been settled and those that still need attention. GDPR365’s built-in proportionality means that whether you’re a 1000-person company or a team of five people, your GDPR readiness can be managed from start to finish in a manner appropriate to the size and scale of your organisation.

We have two videos for you to watch:

Shortened version – 16m:48s

Full version – 57m:18s


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