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Take full control of your Risks.

We recognize your struggle. Navigating Risk Frameworks can be a maze of complexity,  and resistant to adaptation. Rest assured, we're here to clear the path for you.

Our AI-assisted risk management framework transforms this process into a streamlined, user-friendly experience.

By intelligently automating the creation of assessments, policies, and checklists, we not only save you valuable time but also ensure that you remain robustly compliant and ahead of potential risks.

Let us guide you through the intricacies of risk management, making it more accessible and manageable than ever before.




Risk Assessments, Threat Analysis, Risk Registers.

Struggling to manage and control your risks? Use our AI-Assisted solutions to create complex and fully customisable Risk Assessments for all your requierements. Include these in any number of risk registers. Undertake detailed analyses of monetary implications, severity, and likelihood of threats.

Rest assured, we've got your needs covered.

RMF Threat Analysis
RMF Stakeholder Checklist

Manage the status Controls and Criteria Checklists.

Track, allocate, checklists with multiple delivery dates, different people, recurring tasks, with notes and files. Build as many Control sections with sub-sections and criteria. Manage the status of each criteria and get risk reports.

Use our AI-Assistance to help you generate the controls and criteria you need to manage your risk.


Define Policies and Documents, communicate to Stakeholders

Either upload your existing policies or utilise AI to generate new ones, then proceed to make any required edits. Dispatch these policies to identified stakeholders, overseeing their review and confirmation.

Compile comprehensive reports on stakeholder engagement, guaranteeing that all relevant parties are fully briefed, understand, and have formally acknowledged the policies and documents essential for their continuous operations.

The PrivIQ Risk Management Framework delivers adaptable, tailored, industry-specific risk solutions that are straightforward to implement and provide outstanding value.
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