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Supply chain management requires a robust approach to due diligence. Ensuring that every link in your supply chain adheres to the stringent requirements set forth by the CS3D not only mitigates risks but also enhances transparency and accountability. We help you monitor suppliers, enforce standards, and respond to any discrepancies.

Our platform enables you to implement and monitor human rights policies effectively across your operations, ensuring that your business practices align with international human rights standards. From preventing forced and child labor to promoting workplace safety and fair treatment, our system provides the mechanisms to not only meet but exceed these critical compliance requisites.

Assess and mitigate risks related to biodiversity, waste management, and pollution control. Through continuous environmental impact assessments and sustainable resource management practices, our software ensures that your operations contribute positively to environmental preservation.

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Supply Chain and CS3D.

In addition to rigorous checklists, our platform features robust policy integration capabilities. Use ours or draft, implement, and monitor tailored policies that align with CS3D requirements directly within the system.

Coupled with these policies, our risk assessments tools allow for deep dives into potential vulnerabilities within your supply chain. These assessments are critical for identifying and evaluating risks before they evolve into significant issues, enabling proactive management and mitigation strategies.

To complement this, our risk registers offer a structured way to record and track identified risks, their severity, likelihood, and the actions required to mitigate them.

CS3D Controls
RMF Threat Analysis

Human Rights and CS3D.

Through our customizable checklists, your organization can perform regular audits and evaluations on various human rights aspects, such as labor practices, working conditions, and equal opportunity policies.

These checklists are instrumental in systematically verifying compliance with both internal standards and international human rights laws, ensuring thorough oversight and immediate identification of potential issues.

Furthermore, our platform facilitates the development and implementation of robust human rights policies tailored to your specific operational needs. These policies are easily disseminated and updated within the system, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned and informed.

Accompanying these policies, our risk assessment tools enable your company to identify and evaluate risks related to human rights violations. By pinpointing vulnerabilities early, your organization can implement targeted interventions to mitigate risks before they escalate.

Our risk registers provide a centralized view of these risks.


CS3D and Environmental Concerns.

With Structured checklists, the creation and enforcement of dynamic environmental policies within the system, ensuring that all stakeholders are consistently informed and engaged with your environmental commitments.

Our risk assessment tools enhances your environmental stewardship by enabling identification and evaluation of potential environmental risks.

These can be created and tailored to very specific locations and circumstances and AI-Assisted in getting relevant threats as well as severity and likelihood influencers.

This approach facilitates accurate intervention, significantly reducing the possibility of regulatory non-compliance and environmental harm.

Track monetary, severity and likelihood risk from threats, by scoring the severity and likelihood influencers.

CS3D Environment Policy Document
CS3D is an essential regulation for major EU-based organizations. PrivIQ's CS3D Risk Management facilitates adaptive sector-specific risk assessments, checklists, and policies, enhancing visibility into supply chain, human rights, and environmental concerns.
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