From our consultant edition to a full client version.

Partner with PrivIQ to provide your clients
with exceptional service and value.

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Why join our Partner Community?

Your success is our success

We’ll do what ever it takes to ensure our partners are successful.

Easy to do business with

Our approach is agile, flexible and responsive with minimal bureaucracy.

Demonstrate value

Give your clients tailored roadmaps and reports.


We listen and adapt where necessary to meet your specific needs.

Recurring revenue

Create retainer-based relationships that generate recurring revenue.

Deepen relationships

Grow your business by becoming an essential partner to your clients.

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Who  typically joins our Partner Community?


Risk Consultants

Leverage our Al-Assisted tools and services to build comprehensive organizational risk management that enhances your consulting practice. Partner with us to access innovative solutions that will keep you ahead in a fast-evolving landscape.


Management Consultants

Enhance your strategic impact with our comprehensive risk management frameworks and tools. By partnering with us, you gain access to advanced solutions in organizational risk, Data Privacy, and CS3D compliance, allowing you to offer more to your clients.


Data Privacy Consultants & Practitioners

Empower your consultancy with our specialized tools and expertise in Data Privacy. Partnering with us gives you access to the latest in compliance solutions and Al-Assisted technologies that streamline your consultancy.


Technology Partner

PrivIQ collaborates with top software vendors to maximize value for our customers.


How PrivIQ solves your Customer’s challenges


No more spreadsheets everywhere

You can’t manage collaborative compliance using dozens of manual spreadsheets. You don’t have status dashboards, compliance checklist or curated content. PrivIQ’s suite of automated tools tracks how you implement, document and manage your risks to optimize your compliance.


Say goodbye to disjointed, absent or conflicting policies

There is seldom a working set of privacy practices and centralized policies.
The organization cannot keep the promises they make to employees, customers, vendors, third parties and regulators.


No more outrageous solution pricing

Many of our competitors impose exorbitant fees on consultants. Our approach begins with consultant-friendly versions, enabling you to adopt a SAAS solution for overseeing your clients' Data Privacy, CS3D, and Risk in a cost-effective manner. As your clients evolve and require additional access and functionalities, you have the flexibility to upgrade their services.

PrivIQ Consultant Edition: Empowering Consultants with Affordable Compliance Management

The Consultant Edition is a specially tailored solution designed to revolutionize how consultants and practitioners manage their engagements. Unlike expensive market alternatives, PrivIQ offers an affordable, comprehensive tool that simplifies compliance, making it accessible and efficient for consultants and their clients.

Transform your consultancy, experience the benefits of an affordable, efficient, and professional compliance management tool designed for the modern consultant.

Why choose the PrivIQ Consultant Edition

Market Responsiveness

We understand the unique challenges faced by consultants and practitioners.

PrivIQ is developed specifically to address these pain points, providing a solution that aligns with your professional needs.

Proven Track Record

Our software is trusted by experts, ensuring you leverage a reliable and robust platform in your engagements

Support and Communication

Access dedicated customer support and join a community of like-minded professionals to share insights and best practices.

Start simple, upgrade as required

With our consultant edition you can start with the basics for your client.


You can then upgrade as they mature and their requirements increase.

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Key benefits of using our Consultant Edition

Affordable Excellence

Cost-Effective Solution

Our consultant edition is competitively priced, allowing consultants to leverage advanced software without the burden of high costs. This enables consultants to provide top-notch services without passing on hefty expenses to their clients.

Enhance your value to the client

Professional Reporting

Generate comprehensive, professional reports with ease, enhancing the perceived value of your services to clients. Detailed insights and clear documentation help build trust and credibility.

Time Savings

Automate routine tasks and reduce administrative overhead, freeing up more time to focus on providing expert guidance and strategic advice to clients.

Scalable for growth

Flexible Usage

Whether you are an independent consultant or part of a larger consultancy firm, PrivIQ scales with your needs.

It supports multiple clients and projects, making it an ideal tool for growing your business.



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