Building Trust for our clients


Since 2018 we have been building TRUST for our clients between them and their stakeholders, by providing a clear and concise data privacy compliance management solution.

We will help you get out of spreadsheets, better understand what you need to capture and help you create a working set of privacy practices.

Our mission is to create trustworthy custodians of personal data.

We provide intelligent privacy law compliance, simply. We help mid-tier and enterprise companies navigate the global explosion of data protection regulations. Our services deliver accessible processes that reduce the cost and time burdens associated with privacy compliance.

Our design principle is simplicity. Compliance is complex and organisation wide, we enable collaboration and teamwork which facilitates holistic risk management, documentation, oversight and audit. An open design makes it easy to add new regulations and languages, allowing global expansion. We have a development roadmap driven by our clients and our vision for the service.