PrivIQ covers 40% of the global economy, with an applicable version for their regulation. Unregulated regions benefits from our generic data privacy management version.


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The Gap Analysis includes:
A high level risk assessment.
A detailed Gap Analysis covering 12 areas of Data Privacy Management.
The ability to review your assessment via a Real Time Audit, correcting and comparing a number of analyses on the fly.
A detailed risk report showing probability and impact, residual and inherent risks.
We can help you create an ongoing data privacy program for your organization.

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The PrivIQ Data Privacy Self-Assessment gives you a clear understanding of where your organization is lacking in data privacy, what needs to be done and the amount and type of risks you are exposed to.


PrivIQ helps ensure your data protection measures are thorough, and managing them on an ongoing basis will require minimal effort.


We offer comprehensive Data Privacy & Cyber Security Awareness Training Courses.


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Benefits of using PrivIQ

Privacy Program Compliance Assessment

We help you get started with prebuilt compliance checklists. We provide the ability to create your own custom checklists.

Integrated Data Mapping

Get started with data mapping in minutes. We provide a step-by-step workflow and visual maps.

Privacy Impact Assessment

We provide you a direct, powerful approach to analyze risks to data privacy whenever you plan to implement a new or updated business process or system. You can assess privacy risks whether you are new to privacy management or a seasoned Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Risk Assessments

Not only does our Risk Assessment module allow you access to comprehensive Data Privacy Risk Assessments covering PIA, TIA, Vendor Risk and AI Risks, BUT, it enables you to edit and add any Risk Assessments you wish to use covering ALL areas of Risk Management beyond Data Privacy. Key threat measurement using Severity, Likelihood and Financial risk with unlimited threat influencers. Also included is AI assisted Risk Assessment Creation. This module enables ongoing risk management.
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Policy Management

You get a focused set of data protection and privacy documents as a starting point, including public and employee privacy notices, employee training, transborder information flows, acceptable use, data classification and labelling and data handling and more.

Easiest Platform to Use

PrivIQ is designed for privacy management novices to seasoned pros. The platform includes wizards and step by step guides allowing you to quickly configure and manage your organization’s data privacy across the business within a few hours.