GDPR365 changes name to respond to market needs

GDPR365 was launched in 2018 to supply companies with a simple, intuitive and clear software as a service offering to help them build a comprehensive data privacy program in order to comply with the EU GDPR regulations. The service is offered by Compliance Technology Solutions BV, based in Amsterdam and founded by Tai Chesselet and Nick Eckert.

GDPR365 has expanded to now cover eight regulations worldwide comprising 23% of the world GDP. We offer our data privacy compliance program in the EU, UK, Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, Nigeria, South Africa and shortly California USA.

Data protection regulations coverage maps.

This obviously necessitated a rename of the service, we have chosen :

PrivIQ, Intelligent Compliance, Simply.

We are now entering a new phase of our development as a company. With a solid base of users in the EU, UK and South Africa, we are ready to expand, disrupt and grow our business globally.

Our multilingual, multi-regulation, collaborative service makes compliance with data privacy efficient and cost effective. We are targeting mid-tier and enterprise clients and ideally work with distributors and professional partners to assist in onboarding and enabling ongoing compliance of their clients.

We are currently looking for distributors / professional partners in Brazil and Turkey for a new launch as well as in all our other regions.

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