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Case Study: How GDPR365 Software Helps Advanced Overwatch in Their Compliance journey

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In this GDPR case study implementation, we will have a look at Advanced Overwatch and their journey to become GDPR compliant. Advanced Overwatch is a leading surveillance service provider in Ireland, Scotland England, and Wales. They are known for providing top-notch CCTV and specialist security systems for businesses and residential customers. What sets the company apart from their many competitors, is how they care about customers. Thus, when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective in Europe, Advanced Overwatch was among the first to seek out a solution.

As a surveillance service provider, Advanced Overwatch record and keep track of the activities of individuals in business or residential premises. Many banks use their surveillance service to keep the building secure. As a result, their surveillance cameras may record personal data, including the name, addresses, or credit card details of many individuals. Knowing how to process this sensitive data in compliance with the new GDPR law is a real challenge for a big company with a massive database such as Advanced Overwatch. The transition to GDPR compliance requires them to study their current situation and come up with an excellent cost-effective solution.

Apart from the need to ramp up their storage server to ensure sufficient security measures are being implemented to protect customer data, they also need to look into their camera implementation method, to avoid recording excessive amounts of information which may violate people’s privacy. The data retention period is another concern. They need to determine a retention period long enough to keep a customer covered in the event of theft, for example, but also, not longer than necessary.

Why Advanced Overwatch Chose GDPR365 Software

The management team at Advanced Overwatch first tried to implement a manual approach to the compliance problem. However, after having studied all the documentation about GDPR, they realised they need a more automated and reliable outsourced solution. It was when one consultant recommended GDPR365 that they started to look into the software and what it has to offer.

They quickly fell in love with the digital solution which the software offers. Instead of having to pay a hefty fee for an outside consultancy service, Advanced Overwatch can implement their GDPR policies right away for a fraction of the cost. The process starts with an e-learning course which all their employees have to attend, to be informed of the newest GDPR law and the compliance requirements.

Instead of wasting precious time trying to stay compliant, Advanced Overwatch can leverage the robust system which GDPR365 has already built to fast-track their compliance journey. For a business, time is money. With GDPR365’s help, Advanced Overwatch can focus solely on their business, and still stay ahead of the game when it comes to GDPR compliance.


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In this GDPR case study, we will see how our GDPR software helped Advanced Overwatch in their compliance journey.

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