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Reselling GDPR compliance services as a software (SAAS)

The GDPR is already in play and with the new regulation comes an opportunity for you to build a recurring revenue model by offering GDPR365 software to your client base.

GDPR365 is a managed compliance service that assists organisations in achieving ongoing compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Many organisations will be taking on the expertise of GDPR compliance services, such as GDPR365, to help them manage their compliance efforts, but it’s possible to go a step further, become one of our partner and offer the compliance service to your clients in combination with your consulting service.

Become our SAAS Partner

If you’re a data protection officer, accountant, law firm or a consultant, you can grow your practice by making the compliance service available to your clients and helping them to automate their ongoing compliance, while you’re earning a margin.

By organising your efforts around a cloud-based tool, and storing your clients’ documentation there, you can focus on providing value on a daily basis. As a partner you’re also eligible for full support from GDPR365 and can customise the interface with your own branding.

Tailor-make the compliance service

GDPR365 allows for the personalisation of compliance checklists so that organisations can retain their existing assessments while using the compliance service. It’s also possible for organisations to edit the provided policy documents, customise the data inventory and use their own content.

What’s more is that there’s flexibility in the way you price the service. For example, as a partner you can:

  • resell our GDPR software at the retail price
  • absorb the cost, not charge your client and offer it as part of your retainer-based relationship
  • offer a discount on the retail price to build goodwill with your clients and focus on selling your consultancy services.

Find out more about becoming a partner by clicking on the banner below.

Become a Partner

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