New Dashboard and Project Management Tools


We are excited to bring to you more features which enable your compliance project management and also a brand new dashboard to help to you monitor the progress of your GDPR compliance. Here’s a summarised transcription of the the video above.

The first change you should see is the list of icons on the left hand side of the home page. These icons match the different menus of the home page so now you’ll be able to easily move back and forth within the app. Next, we move on to the Compliance section – now you can add your own GDPR-relevant sections and subsections simply by clicking the Add New button. You then need to populate each section with the relevant checklist questions / items.

Let’s drill down into say, Information Security and Security Controls. You will see that for each section and subsection you’re able to assign responsible people. There’ll be a drop-down list of the available people or you’ll be able to add a new user. When you add a new user they’ll receive an email where they can setup their password. They can then login to acceess to their respective Compliance sections. 

You may also assign specific tasks to an individual. Users added at task level will also need to set their password. When they log in they only see the tasks assigned to them where they can respond accordingly. You may also set and customise a review cycle at task level.

Any actions that users do will be logged in the system so now you have a proper audit trail for any given item that has been assigned to an individual.

Notice also, the page icon to the right of the task. It starts out as grey but if it’s black that means that there has been a status change or that notes and or documents have been added to that task. This keeps track of all activity against a task. Notice also that you may now upload documents against each task And yes, all documents are encrypted in the app.

Users will receive email notifications when tasks become due – they may also see the notifications in the usual Notifications menu in the navigation bar.

Another new feature is the one we have added with regards to the Records of Processing Activities report. The security and technical organisational measures that are in place in the records of processing activities report are now pre-populated by us and are based upon the responses to items in the Information Use and Security section.

We’ve made that relatively generic, but definite enough but you able come in and change that content by editing the records of processing activities section under Governance.

The last thing we added which we think is the most exciting is the dashboard.

Click on the dashboard icon (below home) or on Dashboard in the navigation bar. The dashboard gives you oversight of where you are so you can see by the various responsible persons, where they stand in terms of their tasks. You can set the day to the time frame you want to view and also see where tasks are unassigned. View the different responsible persons by assigned and by unassigned tasks. View the tasks by task owner and as you change the date range it dynamically includes the relevant tasks.

If you are an Administrator user you will be able to scroll down the dashboard where we provide oversight, for example in terms of processors, the number the signed contracts, what the status is with regards data sharing agreements, how you’re progressing in your data mapping, or with your overall governance. You also get oversight of data subject access requests as well as your breach management. This gives you an overall snapshot to help you manage your program a little better. .


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