Cybersecurity and data privacy foresight 2022 - a view from Eversheds Sutherland

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The links between cyber security and data privacy are increasingly strong and the two need to be viewed together, this way of looking at them will enable organisations to become more robust.

In the article by Eversheds Sutherland this section is particularly pertinent. "While the tone of foreign affairs may have changed, geopolitical tensions continue to rise, indicating that the cybersecurity threat environment will continue to be hostile to many companies. Many cyber threat organizations, if not necessarily state-sponsored, are state tolerated or encouraged. There is also a lot of money to be made in cybercrime, especially using ransomware tools.

Accordingly, it is more critical than ever to maintain and regularly update cybersecurity plans and policies and ensure that cybersecurity becomes a part of your culture. Cybersecurity is not just about IT, it is about governance, planning, practice, training and individual accountability from the new starter to the CEO."

A fully implemented data privacy, governance and protection programme is essential for modern businesses operating in an increasingly dystopian world.

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