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Case Study GDPR: How Our Software Helped a Leading Retailer Become GDPR-Compliant

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As a leading retailer in the UK and Europe, the second-hand goods chain was among the first to adopt the necessary measurements to conform to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when it first became effective. Their compliance journey has been a smooth one, thanks to the utilisation of gdpr software.

GDPR compliance was a major issue for this retailer because it collects, stores, and processes personal information of thousands of customers in Europe and beyond. To properly process payment online, the store needs customers’ credit card details as well as their address for delivery. Due to the sensitive nature of this type of data, the company needs an effective and secure way to transmit and store the information. The problem didn’t just stop there. For tax and accounting purposes, the company is required to store transaction details from their web store for later retrieving and analysing. Getting compliant with GDPR was a major issue because the company wanted no disruption to its business activity when carrying out GDPR compliance implementation.

Why GDPR365 Software Was the Best Choice

At first, the retailer outsourced a consultant service to do a thorough GDPR gap analysis. They wanted to pinpoint the critical, high-risk and weak areas of their system so that they know where to tackle when implementing compliance. However, the analysis ended up causing them more confusion than clarity while costing them an arm and a leg. In retrospect, their compliance manager realized they should have looked for an in-house solution instead of reaching out to a consultant because the business needed to have control over the process, from data mapping to report generation.

To find a one-stop solution, the retail business looked into many service providers, GDPR365 was among them. What set GDPR365 apart is its cost structure and its simplicity. The entire gap analysis process could be completed by ticking the boxes needed to be checked. The same goes for generating a compliance report. GDPR365 also impressed the retailer by giving them a personal face-to-face consultation in Amsterdam with their representative.
Thanks to GDPR365, the company can now easily keep track of compliance efforts in many of its regional branches and generate reports on the fly. You can freely download the detailed case study for this leading retailer’s compliance journey below and see how it could be applied to your business.


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