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5 Articles to give you a full understanding of TIA’s (Data Transfer Impact Assessment)

If you are looking to fully understand Transfer Impact Assessments, we have done a number of blogs on these. Reading them together may be useful for a clear and full understanding.

To ensure continued protection where personal data is transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA), the GDPR imposes strict conditions on international data transfers.

The UK regulator adopted their own rules regarding TIA’s.

Our first blog gave background on TIA’s from a EU GDPR point of view, you can read it here:

International Data Transfers: Transferring data to third states under EU GDPR -


Our second blog was a look at how to conduct a TIA. This can be read here:

International Data Transfers based on Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) – How to conduct a Transfer Impact Assessment -

Our third blog covered the topic what’s next after a TIA is completed, and can be read here:

Having conducted the TIA – What’s next?: Finding effective supplementary measures. -

The fourth blog we wrote specifically looked at TIA’s in terms of the new UK GDPR laws, here it is:

International Data Transfers under the UK GDPR – The UK adopts new transfer tools -

Finally we wrote a blog on how to perform UK GDPR TIA’s, read our last article here:

How to use the International Data Transfer Agreement for data transfers outside the UK -

The subject of TIA’s is complex, we hope that receiving this in one article will allow you to have a fuller understanding of all that TIA’s entail.
We will shortly be releasing an massively upgraded version of our data privacy, protection and trust service and shortly after release we will be adding TIA’s and their processing for both EU and UK GDPR.

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