3 new policy templates available in our GDPR software

To help you with the current situation and your compliance journey, we have just added 3 new policy templates. The first is directly related to the growing trend of remote working. The second one relates to data subject access requests and the last one covers personal data breaches.

Working from home: the new normal

With the state of the world as it is today, working at home appears to be the new normal. Many will view this as a change but when you think of it, how different should it be from working in the office? Your home workstation is really an extension of the normal work environment. It is incumbent upon management to provide the requisite guidance as to the organisation’s policy on working from home.

Data subject access requests

As the race to develop tracing apps heats up, more people become aware of their rights to access their personal data, which increases the rate of access requests. To demonstrate compliance with GDPR it is not sufficient to just have a mechanism and procedure in place, it is important for the organisation to generate and implement its policy on recognising, reporting and managing access requests.

Personal data breaches

Similarly, with security incidents – the potential for breaches could also escalate. Despite what your response to data breaches is, it must be guided by a policy that articulates the need for and possible consequences of not properly reporting and managing such incidents.

How to access the new policies

First, login to your account.

Then go to “Governance Documents”, click on the “Internal” tab and scroll down to see the 3 new policies.

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