The Data Privacy Management Problem

You need an army of compliance specialists and technologists to understand and meet legal data privacy requirements.
The end game is legal compliance and TRUSTED relationships with your employees, customers, vendors and third parties.


Spreadsheets everywhere

You can’t manage collaborative compliance using dozens of manual spreadsheets.
You don’t have status dashboards, compliance checklist or curated content—your approach is grossly inadequate.


Poor personal data inventory

Many organizations capture too little, or too much (and even illegal) employee or customer data.
They don’t know what they can do with it, what they can share.
Or how long they can keep it—resulting in regulatory fines, and reputational risk.


Don’t understand data privacy risk

Most groups don’t have a Data Protection Officer (DPO).
Or any in-house specialized analysis experience to identify the risk and create a mitigation plan for stakeholders and regulators.


Incomplete, Missing or Contradictory Policies

There is seldom a working set of privacy practices and centralised policies.
The organization cannot keep the promises they make to employees, customers, vendors, third parties and regulators.


Need a PhD to make sense of it all

Most alternatives are overly complicated or made for specialized privacy lawyers.
The average layman cannot figure it out (not without EXTENSIVE training).


Price is outrageous

And then there is the price—they must be awfully proud of their software!


Why choose PrivIQ?

Easiest Data Privacy Management Platform


Reduced Frustration

No COMPLICATED processes or LENGTHY questionnaires.


Increased Reputation

Meet and exceed regulatory compliance requirements.


Competitive Advantage

Earn TRUST through your organizations’ data privacy initiatives.


What does PrivIQ offer?



You can’t manage collaborative compliance using spreadsheets. PrivIQ’s suite of automated tools tracks how you implement, document and manage your data and privacy risks to optimize your compliance.



Simple Pricing

There are no relentless add-ons. Our  pricing is all-inclusive and all maintenance, updates and upgrades are included.

Lowest Entry Price

We offer tiered pricing based on organization size, as well as structured pricing for groups with subsidiaries.