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PrivIQ - DataProtection DynamiX™ (DPDx)
USA Data Privacy Management and Compliance.

A powerful tool suite to simplify, document and monitor your data privacy practices and ensure your compliance with ever-evolving US federal and state laws and regulations.

Our PrivIQ-DPDx platform is an integrated suite of automated tools to deliver data privacy intelligence, so you can concentrate on your mission without the burdens of documenting and maintaining legal compliance.

We built PrivIQ-DPDx to be the most comprehensive and affordable privacy and data governance platform for US businesses. The platform is based on a widely adopted set of privacy principles that address the unique multi-layered USA data privacy and protection legal requirements.
DPDx Compliance
Manage your data privacy program in one place.
Say goodbye to spreadsheets.
Demonstrate real-time compliance.
Simplify teamwork and reporting. Good data governance requires a team.
Simple intuitive software built for everyone, not just privacy wonks.
Automation saves time and money by reducing manual effort and multiple documents.
Build trust in one click showing technical and organizational measures evidence and ownership.
Save time by involving and delegating tasks to the appropriate stakeholders.
Futureproof privacy compliance through flexible Privacy by Design framework.
Manage and track policies, training and contracts with ease.
Focus on essential controls – end to end – instead of onerous frameworks.
Provide easy to use step-by-step guides for data mapping, impact assessments, data requests and incidents.

"PrivIQ is an elegant, extensible and robust solution that is well-suited to support organizations in the complex and ever evolving US data privacy landscape."


Nalini Kaplan

The problem we solve

  • Organizations need to be trusted by their clients, employees, suppliers / stakeholders.
  • This trust has been forced on them by laws and sentiment about data privacy.
  • Complex and difficult to understand.
  • Need a collaborative solution.
  • Expensive without use of guiding technology.
  • Requires frequent review to ensure ongoing compliance.


  • What You Need

  • Organization-wide data privacy and protection
  • Demonstrable and proportionate
  • Employee awareness and understanding
  • Governance policies
  • Privacy notices
  • Compliance in various areas marketing, HR, IT and security, Privacy by design
  • Service provider and third-party agreements
  • Subject Access request and breach management
  • Immutable Consent Records
  • Ongoing review – weekly / quarterly / bi-annual / annual


Software Features

  • Easy to use
  • Configurable
  • Collaboration and notification
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting Tools
  • SAAS Service
DPDx Dashboard

Home Screen layout

Home screen with all functionality available.

Section 1
  • Ongoing compliance reviews.
  • Compliance reporting.

Section 2
  • Data Mapping of data subjects, processing purposes and legitimate basis.
  • Governance – Privacy Notices, Governance documents, Document library.
  • Stakeholder training and notification.

Section 3
  • Service providers and third parties.

Ongoing processes
  • Privacy impact assessments.
  • Subject access requests.
  • Incident response and management.
DPDx Home
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