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We assist you in navigating the complexities of GDPR UK, ensuring that you are not just compliant, but also optimised for privacy, security, and trust.

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We simplify your UK GDPR compliance by

The UK Data Protection Act of 2018 and the Data Protection, Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation form what is the UK GDPR. UK organisations need their GDPR documentation to align with the UK GDPR giving special consideration to data flows that reflect the UK’s independent jurisdiction. UK organisations offering goods or services to EU residents will also need to comply with the EU GDPR.<br> <br>Our software helps you implement and manage your UK GDPR privacy program and ensure you’ve got the documentation to demonstrate your compliance with it and the EU GDPR where necessary.


Tailor your risk management strategies


Article 30 processing register

Capture your personal data processing activities, lawful bases and retention policies. Record what types of data you’re capturing, where it’s being processed and where you’re collecting it.


Audit and Data Protection Impact Assessments ​

Use the assessment tool to work out if you need to do a DPIA, run an overall compliance audit and document all processing, related risks and mitigations.

GDPR Articles: 25, 35 and 36


Vendor (processor) manager​

Map what personal data you’re sharing with each processor. Document and justify the data transfer outside the EU. Generate and store Data Processing Agreements and risk and compliance analysis against each processor.

GDPR articles: 24, 28, 29 and 46.


Data subject rights manager​

Manage incoming data subject requests. Verify the data subject's identity, assign the request to an owner, see where to retrieve the data and do it all within the legal time requirements.

GDPR articles: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21


GDPR services​

GDPR GAP Analysis, GDPR EU Representative, Policy and Privacy Notice Templates


Data Breach Incident Manager ​

Record and assess the severity of a data breach. Use the guidelines to report it to the ICO and inform impacted data subjects. Record events and actions to mitigate repeats.

GDPR articles: 33 and 34

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GDPR UK Processing Conditions




Section 8. Manage your entire POPIA program and demonstrate compliance. Maintain your registration at the regulator. Maintain a record of your data processing activities. Adopt and implement required governance policies.


Lawfulness and purpose​

Section 9-14, 72. Use our data mapping module to navigate POPIA’s strict lawful conditions for processing personal information. Generate operator contracts. Manage data transfers out of South Africa.



Section 18. Create comprehensive privacy notices and keep them up to date at all required locations automatically.


Data Subject Participation​

Section 23-25. Provide mechanisms for your data subjects to engage with your organisations. Efficiently manage responses to requests using all of PAIA’s conditions.



Collaboratively conduct and manage operational compliance and ongoing risk audits. Involve all stakeholders through training and awareness.



Section 19-22. Conduct Privacy Impact Assessments. Manage responses to personal information security incidents.

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