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The data governance and privacy platform

A powerful suite of tools to simplify, to document and monitor your data practices and ensure your compliance.

PrivIQ is a powerful suite of tools to simplify, document and monitor your data practices, and ensure you comply with the law.

The tools are automated to deliver data privacy intelligence, so you can concentrate on your mission without the burdens of documenting and maintaining legal compliance.

We built PrivIQ to be the most comprehensive and affordable privacy and data governance platform on the market.

Manage your data privacy program in one place.

Simple intuitive software built for everyone, not just privacy wonks.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Automation saves time and money by reducing manual effort and multiple documents.

Demonstrate compliance. Build trust by in one click showing technical and organisational measures evidence and ownership.

Simplify teamwork and reporting. Good data governance requires a team. Save time by involving and delegating tasks to the appropriate stakeholders.

Intelligent compliance. Simply.

PrivIQ’s Service Covers The Major Data Protection Regulations, Including GDPR, UK GDPR, LGPD, CCPA. Audits And Dashboards Allow The Understanding Of Risks And Assignment Of Priorities. Measure And Deliver On Privacy Program Operations.


PrivIQ framework provides guidance on what is required for regulatory compliance. Compliance audits and impact assessments ensure you assess potential risk areas and implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to mitigate the risks.


Automation tools to involve your team and nudge everyone towards completing their tasks. A data subject rights manager to simplify response to people’s data requests. A breach management to ensure breaches are recorded, resolved and reported to the authorities, if necessary.


Assure privacy compliance by generating reports or records of processing activities. Dashboards to provide management understanding of risk and program status.

Software Features​

  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Easy collaboration
  • Multiple notifications
  • Customised reporting
  • Software as a service



Home Screen layout

  • Home screen with all functionality available.
  • Work in a logical sequence.

Section 1

  • Information officer.
  • Ongoing compliance reviews.
  • Readiness Assessment of compliance areas.

Section 2

  • Data Mapping of data subjects, processing purposes and legitimate basis.
  • Governance – Privacy Notices, Governance documents, Document library.
  • Employee training and notification.

Section 3

  • Operators and data sharing agreements.

Ongoing processes

  • Data Protection Impact Assessments, Subject access
    requests and security compromise recording

Compliance Section​

  • Use predefined areas, eg data subject consent, marketing, HR, IT, security
  • Add your own areas
  • Specify custom legislation, eg money laundering, PCI, own practices

Compliance Items​

  • Use predefined items
  • Assign items to task owner
  • Specify item’s review periods and due dates
  • Add notes and files to items
  • Set task status
  • Set risk level

Data Mapping​

  • Personal and sensitive personal information inventory.​
  • Understand whose information you hold, for what purpose, under which legal basis and for what duration.​
  • Assists in generating privacy notices, Records of Processing, defines 3rd
    parties to whom data is sent or shared with.​
  • Enable LIA’s (Legitimate Interest Assessments), store all artifacts of data mapping.​


  • Manage privacy notices​
  • Tailor pre-loaded governance policies to your organisation.​
  • Upload your own documents and
    further policies to the document
  • Communicate policies to all stakeholders and obtain “read and accepted” confirmations.​

Third party contracts and data sharing​

  • Manage third party and data sharing contracts
  • Ensure third party processors confirm their compliance
  • Store signed contracts

Data Protection Impact Assessments​​

Organisations need to assess any personal data processing that might result in high risk to individuals. Pre-defined screening and purpose questionnaires.​

  • Assess personal data processing that may result in high risk to individuals
  • Use predefined screening and purpose questionnaires
  • Use wizard to determine if a data subject’s rights are protected

Subject Access Requests​

A subject access request is a request made by a data subject for the information that your organisation holds about them.

  • Receive SARs via a prebuilt form you can link to from any website or application
  • Offer multilingual forms
  • Use the guidance to respond correctly
  • Use the workflow to ensure you validate and respond before deadlines
  • Add written and verbal requests manually
  • Use the case-management system to record and store your SAR responses in one location

Breach Management​

The high incidence of data breaches means that avoiding a personal data breach is no longer good enough for small to medium-sized organisations. ​

We enable you to prepare for data breaches by having a system in place to manage your response to them, from assessing and documenting to reporting them within the stipulated time of becoming aware.​

  • Assess and respond to personal data breaches in the stipulated time period
  • Manage your responses from one location
  • Report data breaches to the authorities
  • Protect your organisation from the risk of a bad reputation

Onboarding guides – All regulations

These onboarding guides are a valuable resource that will assist you or your clients in quickly deploying and maintaining your compliance programs.