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Our Story

In 2017, Russell, who was the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) manager for BP Africa and with whom I had worked as a consultant for 15 years at BP, kept on contacting me and discussing how we should start a privacy compliance, SaaS company. Russell was a compliance expert with deep knowledge of all aspects of corporate compliance both in terms of risk management and privacy.

I was the co-founder and joint CEO of a highly successful provider of data backup, disaster recovery and cyber security, based out of Cape Town, South Africa. My background was as a software developer and internet entrepreneur.

Eventually I succumbed to his pitch, thinking we could sell more of our IT services on the back of offering compliance. Little did I know the journey we were embarking on.

I very quickly contacted Nick, based near Geneva, who had loads of international experience as an internet entrepreneur building services for clients in the field of digital and email marketing. He was immediately keen and came back to me within 24 hours, saying “I am in!”.

I had worked with Linda for many years, an incredible software engineer who can calmly navigate the myriad challenges. She was the obvious choice to lead the team to build the service with her deep knowledge of software development and internet technology. Lucky for us all, she agreed to come on board.

Russell, Linda, Nick and I formed a multi-talented core team, every person bringing a different set of skills to our venture, all respecting each other and really enjoying working together to build a great service.

Our journey had begun!

Like all such journeys, had we known where it would lead, and the efforts involved, we may never have started. Thank goodness we did.

Where we are

As a core team, self-funded, we have built a highly rated, collaborative global privacy law compliance service, currently offering services in 34 countries worldwide in economies with a combined GDP of 40% of the world economy.

Our service competes favourably and we win deals against some of the largest in this field because we can take them on.

We now list some of the top companies in their sectors in the world as our clients. We have 850 plus customers and are razor focused on building our channel and growing our worldwide mid-tier-plus client base.

Why we are

We provide intelligent privacy law compliance, simply. We help mid-tier and enterprise companies navigate the global explosion of data protection regulations. Our services deliver accessible processes that reduce the cost and time burdens associated with privacy compliance.

Our design principle is simplicity. Compliance is complex and organisation wide, we enable collaboration and teamwork which facilitates holistic risk management, documentation, oversight and audit. An open design makes it easy to add new regulations and languages, allowing global expansion. We have a development roadmap driven by our clients and our vision for the service.

The big picture

Data is the lifeblood of our global economy. The protection of personal data is critical, we firmly believe that individuals own their information. We want to demystify privacy and data protection and enable organisations to manage affordable data protection programmes, making these a part of their DNA.

We’d love to work with your organisation.

Best regards,

Tai Chesselet – CEO

Tai Chesselet

CEO and Co-Founder of PrivIQ

The Team

Nick Eckert

Consultant / BizDev​

Russell Raizenberg

Compliance Expert / Head of Operations

Linda Botes

Lead Engineer​

Michiel Verburg