A complete LGPD compliance solution

We simplify LGPD with our software

Brazil’s Lei Geral de Proteçäo de Dados (LGPD) shares many principles of the Europe’s GDPR. Brazilian organisations must meet specific data protection obligations and provide data subjects privacy rights. Like our GDPR software, our LGPD solution helps you implement and manage your LGPD privacy program and ensure you’ve got the documentation to demonstrate your compliance.

We help you understand your risks and give you cloud-based documentation.

Portuguese and English Versions available.

LGPD Dashboard

Data Processing Register​

Link data subjects to your data processing activities, lawful bases and data flows. Document the personal data you’re collecting, and where it’s being processed.

LGPD Articles – 6-18. 15. 19. 33 and 37

Audit and Data Protection Impact Assessments ​

Use our impact assessments and audit checklists to determine your risks and assign priorities and review periods to them.

LGPD Articles: 6-7, 9-12, 15-16, 18, 20-21, 38-39, 46-47, 49-50.

Vendor (processor) manager​

Manage vendors, their processing activities and agreements from a single location.

LGPD Articles: 6-7, 9-12, 15-16, 18, 20-21, 38-39, 46-47, 49-50.

Data subject rights manager​

Use prebuilt forms to simplify data subject access requests and verify a subject’s identity.

LGPD Articles: 6, 9, 15, 18-21 and 50

LGPD Services: ​

  • LGDP audits
  • Generate reports for your board and executives
  • Policy and Privacy Notice Templates

Data Breach Incident Manager ​

Record and respond to incidents. Assess the incident severity and comply with LGPD notification requirements.

LGPD Article: 48